Rendering : Next generation 2014 Honda Jazz styling will not change much from current car, Diesel engine to debut.

Rendering : Next generation 2014 Honda Jazz styling will not change much from current car, Diesel engine to debut.

The current Honda Jazz or Fit  small hatchback (or you may  call supermini, if you are in United kingdom) is now in 2nd generation.Since it debut in 2008,the current car is still rank  by many road testers as one of the best sub compact  hatchback in Europe .Although  the sale volume in europe is not as much  if you compare  to  others European competitors or even the Toyota Yaris but it be enough to made profit for set up  european production at the plant in Swindon, England.

Knowed as Fit in Japan,The Jazz is rank at 2nd in Japan’s sale chart for past many years.As it carry strength of  economical,good power,easy to drive and unmatch versitlelity.Styling is also main selling point with its up to date design.Now, the car  is past  half of its  life cycle and Mag-x of Japan is begin talk about the replacement and rendering  that will arrive in 2013.  has been informed that the car will fallowing new Honda design’s philosophy that decide to improve on the current looks and not going in for a complete overhaul. Just like we have seen in latest Honda Civic or even the  Honda Accord Concept that reveal at  2012 Detroit Autoshow which reflect the production version of next generation Accord that not change much from one selling 8th generation .The new Jazz or Fit  is expected to have  2 version of styling which contain normal Jazz and Hybrid Jazz that have different at headlight,grille,front and rear bumper.

Expect the car dimention will keep around current model at   3925 mm Long x  1695 mm wide  x  1520 mm height.The engine will different to each market.The car will offer  4 cylinder 1.2 liter,1.4 liter and 1.5 liter  petrol.This may be  have DOHC engine with direct injection and VTEC arrangement with an Atkinson cycle which depend on each market .While the hybrid version (codename 2tf) with get a IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid  4 cylinder 1.5 L petrol place along side an electric engine.

The diesel will also be aviable with the car as they’re report developing  new1600 cc 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, the maximum power of 118 hp at 4000 rpm  and torque is 300 Nm at 2000 rpm, while Honda said the new engine is lighter than diesel engines that currently in the market. And exhaust emissions only 100 grams per kilometer

Honda also attempt to lower their prices. In China,India and Thailand ,The next Fit/Jazz will use nearly 100%  components from local suppliers.

The sale will begin at  september 2013 in Japan and other countries as early as the begining of 2014

Post by Autointrends (rendering from Mag-x)

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